The Eat Fit Cookbook


The Eat Fit Cookbook

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Featuring more than 125 mouthwatering recipes from our Eat Fit partners throughout Louisiana, the Eat Fit Cookbook proves that the delicious choice is now the healthy choice.

New Orleans, affectionately called the Crescent City, has a reputation for guilty pleasures and divine deep-fried delicacies. In our culture, food is more than nourishment—it’s our muse. Five minutes after lunch, we’re talking about dinner. But usually we are talking about the decadence of our meals, not the healthfulness. That's where the Eat Fit cookbook comes in. This cookbook showcases recipes from Louisiana's renowned chefs, however it intentionally illustrates how to recreate these iconic dishes to be as nutritious as they are delicious. Not only are these healthful dishes impressive enough to appear on Orleans’ most acclaimed menus, they are also easy enough to make at home.

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